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Additional Resources

Please understand that these organizations and chat lines may offer solutions or
treatment options that might not be appropriate for your situation. It is
imperative that you talk with your own medical team before you make any
changes to your current care.


During our meetings you will hear us discuss several organizations related to kidney disease and its treatment options.  We have added links here so that you have easy access to these organizations.  


National Kidney Foundation:

NKF has a very robust website with a lot information on many topics related to kidney disease; diet and nutrition, education for patients and their caregivers, treatment and support, research, and government advocacy to name a few.  It will be especially helpful for those of you who are newly diagnosed and want to get more information about how your kidneys are supposed to work and what happens when they don’t.


National Kidney Registry:

The National Kidney Registry, NKR,  has revolutionized the process of pursuing a kidney transplant, finding a living donor, or signing up to be a donor. They also provide many protections for living donors.  There is a great deal of information on this site.  We are willing to guide you to find what you are looking for.

National Kidney Donor Organization:

NKDO’s mission is to educate prospective living kidney donors to donate as safely and effectively as possible. They are devoted to helping end the US kidney crisis. Working with NKR living donor registrants and many Donor Connect centers, a team of 50 living donor mentors share information and encouragement with prospective donors.

National Kidney Foundation Online Communities:
This site offers some individual groups that cover more specific topics on specific

National Donor Assistance Organization:
This national organization offers assistance to living donors for reimbursement of travel, subsistence expenses and lost wages, etc. to those who want to be evaluated for and/or undergoing living donation. Priority is given to those who could not otherwise afford to donate.


Renal Support Network:

Founded in 1993 by Lori Hartwell, a recipient of several kidney transplants, this website also has a lot of very good information.  It includes a large library of podcasts on many topics related to kidney disease and treatment options, including mental health for patients.  They also have an online support group and other events that you will find on their website.

The Road Back To Life:

This group is based in the Seattle area but their meetings are via Zoom. They have some very good information on their website including podcasts, some classes to help you with proper diet and learning how to live well with chronic kidney disease.


Below are the links to 3 dialysis companies that operate dialysis centers in most parts of the country.  We have listed them in no particular order.  You should find some useful information on their websites as well.  

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