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Filling Prescription


While attending our meetings, you will hear from many other patients about their disease and the treatments they are receiving, including dialysis and other medications. You will also hear from patients who are pursuing a kidney transplant, and others who have already had a transplant. Please understand that none of us are medical professionals. We are here to share our stories to help others. You must talk with your own medical team before changing any part of your routine. What works for one patient may not be appropriate for all patients.

Meeting Info

Our meetings are held on the following schedule: 

  • The 2nd Saturday of every month at 1:00pm-2:30pm PT

  • The 4th Monday of every month at 11:00am-12:30pm PT

Feel free to join anytime and stay as long as you want.

Please RSVP for each meeting via the link on the Home page.


On the scheduled meeting days, please click the link below to join the Zoom meeting:

Privacy Policy
No Personal Information

The information shared by all attendees in these meetings is necessary for other group patients to get answers to their questions. Please note that when discussing what you learned in the meeting with others, do not include the names of the patients. We all need to honor the privacy of each group attender.

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